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Kay Foye

Before I started making knives

 it was my time spent in the saddle that I learned the value

of the most “primitive survival tool known to man”.

As a Wrangler, resting my hand down on my right side

became habit; a security check

to make sure I still had my survival tool.

The inspiration behind my work

comes from a deep desire for connection.


It seems to me that we all have a need,

in varying levels to connect;

whether that’s to the world we grew up in,

to the people we have spent our lives with,

to nature,

to the little passing moments

or the big life events

that have all imprinted on our hearts.


There is an instinctive nature inside of us

that has ignited our curiosity since the beginning of time.

Out of pure necessity  we discovered a way to hand-craft sharp tools

and with those tools we forged fires,

cooked meals,

made homes

and built empires that housed our most coveted

connection to this world.

This connection has become our heritage.

This connection is our legacy, our stories that have been shared for lifetimes.


I feel like I’ve been searching for something my whole life

That something that makes my heart beat fast.

That one thing that connects us all.

because in my opinion,

it is that capacity for connection

the capacity to celebrate life

that is the most primitive survival tool known to man.

I wanted to make a tool that would allow someone else 

to create something just as beautiful in return. 



All of the tiny moments that remind us

Of how precious this life is.


When you really start to observe what you are connected to 

with careful consideration about materials

that you can incorporate into a handle,

it allows you to see your world in a completely different way. 

Everything becomes a possibility. 

Memories from your past become repurposed 

to create new memories in your future. 

Artifacts from your life become frozen in time 

and given a new life and a new meaning.


Within every one of us there lives an instinct

to stay connected to the history 

that has brought us to this very moment. 


So tell me, what is your legacy…

What are the stories that make your heart beat fast?

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