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The Georgia Collection

The "Georgia Collection", is a limited series of custom hand-forged knives.  Each piece represents a singular but profound step in my journey to become a Knife Maker at the guidance of my mentor Jake Asuit throughout the duration of my apprenticeship in rural Georgia.


My designs are inspired by a lifetime of experiences ranging from my Mother's kitchen to the breath-taking beauty of magestic Colorado.  Wood, fossil, stone and bone are just a few of the elements used when exploring the design of each handle.  Small fragments of live edge materials are fashioned in what becomes a seamless swirl of color and texture.  We celebrate the imperfections of each blade and handle as a homage to the basic human experience of individuality.

My hope is that our knives become a center piece in your quest for a deeper sense of self; be it on the river, the open ranges of boundless beauty or around the dinner table reconnecting with loved ones.

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