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K A Y   F O Y E

C O M M I S S I O N   A   K N I F E


Each of my knives are hand-forged exclusively from high carbon steel and crafted in my workshop outside of

New Orleans, Louisiana.


I use personal “artifacts” from your life to create what I consider the soul of my knives – the handle.  Small fragments of your personal material are fashioned into what becomes a seamless swirl of color and texture. The blade is forged to meet your vision

using a variety of steel that is best suited for its intended use.

No two knives are ever the same.


When you are ready to begin your commission, please contact me to pay your 50% deposit and we will set up a time for a call to discuss the style of knife and any other information that will inform the design of the blade and the handle.

My hope is that your knives become a center piece in your quest for a deeper sense of self; be it on the open ranges of boundless beauty or around the dinner table connecting with your loved ones.

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